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Why Sublimation Solution is More Eco-friendly?


Dye Sublimation solution has been popular for a few years because of the wide range of applications in many fields. You can find it everywhere like mugs, books, and clothes. Maybe you have never known about it before. However, it really brings great changes to our daily life. Different from some convenience products, it is more eco-friendly. In the current environment, people prefer to use environmentally-friendly products rather than other products. These kinds of products are harmless to both environment and human health. Next, we will tell you more about the sublimation solution and its environmental protection.

What is Sublimation Solution?

Sublimation solution is different from traditional transfer solutions. Compared with the traditional transfer solutions, its pattern can exist for a long time under the sunlight. The principle of sublimation transfer is that the substrate is colored at high temperatures. As a result, in case of external friction, the pattern is also very strong and not easy to fall off. Sublimation technology is a revolutionary transfer method. It has a bright and durable finished product with a wide range of applications. Over the years, most manufacturers have favored the use of heat sublimation transfer technology.

Raw Materials of Sublimation Paper&Sublimation Ink

After learning basic information about the sublimation solution, we are going to introduce its raw materials before we tell you about its environmental protection. This is the basis for the environmental friendliness of the dye sublimation technology. And then you will have a better understanding of the environmental protection of sublimation solutions.

On the one hand, sublimation paper is made of normal-based paper and a special coating. This special coating is designed to hold ink molecules. After the transfer is made, the paper does not change much. On the other hand, sublimation ink is made of dye-based ink. Dye ink is a water-soluble ink. It has a saturated color and good weather resistance.

Principles of Sublimation Solution’s Environmental Protection

Sublimation Solution is a kind of brand new transfer solution in the market. For its raw materials, it has less harm to the environment. We will show you more detailed information about its environmental protection below.

Sublimation Paper’s Environmental Protection

Sublimation paper is not like other disposable papers. You can arrange the design neatly when printing. The design is then cut off at the edges for transfer. This ensures maximum use of the dye sublimation paper and reduces the waste of unused parts.

The sublimation paper that was transferred still can be used in the other fields. You can dispose of it like regular waste paper. Whether you recycle it or use it as wrapping paper. You can also use it for designs. Of course, you can also fold it and combine it into the artwork you want. It’s very meaningful.

Sublimation Ink’s Environmental Protection

Sublimation Ink

  • Advantages
    • Friendly to the environment and no odor
    • Vivid colors
    • High-temperature resistance
    • Small molecules and high penetration
    • Waterproof and resistant to fading
    • Cheaper than pigments ink
  • Disadvantages
    • Limited application scope

Dye Ink

  • Advantages
    • Cheaper than pigments ink
    • No odor
    • Vivid colors
    • High temperature resistance
    • Small molecules and high penetration
  • Disadvantages
    • Not waterproof and easy to fade
    • Not friendly to the environment

Sublimation inks are made from disperse dyes. Disperse dyes cause serious environmental problems in the traditional textile industry. However, dye-based thermal sublimation inks are more environmentally friendly. Compared to dye and pigment inks, dye-sublimation inks are not only less odorous, but also less polluting. Most importantly, dye-sublimation inks can maintain the brilliant and long-lasting color. In addition, the dye-sublimation ink is free of formaldehyde, VOC’s and RoHS compliant.

A-sub Sublimation Solution

After learning about the environmental protection of sublimation solution. We would like to show you more about A-sub sublimation products, too.

A-sub Sublimation Paper

A-sub sublimation paper uses microporous technology instead of swellable technology. The raw base paper layer carries the ink absorbing layer. And the ink absorbing layer is the most important part of the sublimation paper. This layer is the part we need to present. The specific structure of the ink-absorbing layer can lock the ink securely. This special structure allows the ink to be sublimated at high temperatures and transferred to the surface of the substrate. These means our sublimation paper will have stronger ink penetration, excellent line sharpness and high drying speed.


  • Microporous Technology
  • High Transfer Rate
  • High Speed of Drying
  • Excellent Quality on Hard Substrates

A-sub Sublimation Ink

A-sub sublimation ink has stable quality and vibrant color. It has higher compatibility with the most printers in the market. Of course, it has a higher fit with the same brand of sublimation paper, A-sub sublimation paper. What’s more, if your products transferred has no enough accurate color, you can use our ICC profile to adjust it.


  • Provide an CISS profile to Adjust the Color
  • Stable Sublimation Quality
  • High Compatibility to Printers’ Models
  • Environmentally Friendly


Absolutely, sublimation solution is more friendly to the environment. Its raw materials and special technology ensure its environmental protection. Nowadays, as environmental protection is becoming more and more important. As a manufacturer of consumables, we are also trying to implement the concept of environmental protection. This is one of our insistence. We will improve our products while maintaining environmental friendliness. We will strive to provide you with the best quality products.

Thank you for reading this article and if you would like to know more about our product concept, please feel free to read this article. Of course, you can also click here to request a free sample. A-sub will never let you down. If you have any other related questions, please feel free to contact us. We will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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