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Why Has A-sub Been Able to Hold a Place in the Sublimation Market?


A Brief Introduction to the Sublimation and Sublimation Market

Sublimation transfer is a process for realistically transferring color images on paper to textiles, porcelain cups, and other materials. Portraits and other graphics must be printed in mirror images on inkjet paper for sublimation transfer. The transfer device is then heated to about 200 °C so that the transfer ink on the transfer paper sublimates and penetrates the substrate. In this way, the design on the paper can be transferred to various objects.

In recent years, there have been more and more businesses in the sublimation market. The products are getting better and better. The competition is also getting more and more fierce. Whether it is sublimation paper or sublimation ink, all show a thriving scene. There is an endless array of marketing strategies among the various brands. 

A-sub’s Position in the Sublimation Market

A-sub is also considered to be famous in the field of sublimation, especially for dye sublimation paper. Yet, the sublimation paper of the same brand is so renowned that the ink seems not so popular.

● Sublimation Paper

A-sub is arguably one of the most popular brands on the market. In the field of sublimation paper, A-sub has an even better performance. A-sub’s competitiveness in the field of sublimation paper is undeniable. Next, I will analyze the evaluation and sales.

● Reviews & Sales

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by the star, these mainstream three-way e-commerce platforms don’t use a simple average. Instead, their system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. One of its most popular products has more than 30,000 reviews on Amazon. The star rating is 4.8 out of 5. The gold content of its products is obvious.

As Amazon’s best seller, I don’t need to say much about the sales of A-sub sublimation paper. Moreover, it has over 30,000 reviews. It leaps ahead of the sublimation paper market. We also analyzed the positive and negative reviews. It is clear that most of the bad reviews exist because of improper handling by consumers instead of the quality of the paper. We will further follow up on this to ensure that every consumer has the best experience.

● Sublimation Ink

One of the most popular brands on the sublimation ink market is Printers Jack. It is Amazon’s choice. It is also Amazon’s best seller. A-sub’s heat sublimation ink is of excellent quality, too.

● Reviews & Sales

A-sub sublimation ink’s star rating is 4.6 out of 5. This result is very good in the sublimation ink market. This also relied on its high quality. The close to 800 reviews also prove the level of star rating. I think A-sub’s sublimation ink will one day be as well known as its sublimation paper.

Advantages in the Sublimation Market

When compared with other brands of sublimation paper in the market, there are many advantages of A-sub sublimation paper. The high quality, famous brand, perfect service, and advanced technology are all more excellent than others. I will show you more below in detail.

● High Quality

A-sub sublimation paper’s high transfer rate is so high that it can show us vibrant colors. The high speed of drying makes the merchants save more time rushing orders. The average thickness of the A-sub sublimation paper is also very nice. It can prevent the uneven use of the ink and protect the nozzle of the inkjet printer.

● Professional Team

A-sub is one of the most famous brands of sublimation paper in the industry. The company has been in development for 10 years now. Both online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc., and offline local stores, have developed very mature and have strong competitiveness. As a result, A-sub is a famous brand in the sublimation market. As a famous brand, it’s easier to sell its products.

But behind all this is the work of A-sub’s professional team. The efforts of the R&D team are inseparable from the product. High-tech coating formulations with more than 10 key personnel and 40 technicians continuously updated over a 5-year period. The professionalism of the promotion team makes our products known to more people. The dedication of the service team makes us have more repeat customers and big orders. We have over 35000 ft2 workshops and over 50 local agents during 25 years of development. Every A-sub employee is working hard for the growth of A-sub. This is one of the reasons why A-sub has grown to this point nowadays.

● Perfect Service

Perfect service also adds to A-sub’s score. A-sub insists that the customer is God. A-sub’s shipment usually takes only one week from order to shipment. Our customer service is also very attentive. The after-sales service is also very dedicated and strives to bring the best buying experience for our customers.

● Advanced Technology

Print shop (press printing) – Finishing line

A-sub is not satisfied with its current achievements. It has also developed its latest series of products, Asub-GL.

Compared to the Quick Dry series, it has a faster drying speed, more vivid colors, and more realistic images. At the same time, it offers better reproduction, higher sharpness and resolution, and better resistance to curling. In addition, it is adaptable to different application environments and has low residue characteristics.

It is more adaptable and suitable for various printing methods. It is also suitable for printing in different printing modes and under different printing ink volume conditions. It shows more refined results under high ink volume and high precision printing conditions. Compared to similar products in the international market, the print drying speed is faster and there is less waste. It is also resistant to printing.


As the most competitive brand in the heat transfer market, we are always strict with ourselves. A-sub strives to improve the technology and quality of our products. Firstly, we strive to be foolproof in terms of quality. Secondly, we focus on customer service to provide the best shopping experience for our customers. Finally, A-sub’s professional team is also one of the important factors for A-sub’s success. These are all the strengths of A-sub. That’s why A-sub has been able to be invincible in the market.

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