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Why Do We Suggest To Import A-sub Sublimation Paper?


The transfer industry is no longer a new industry. There are a wide variety of sublimation papers on the market, each with their own advantages. Online and offline competition is fierce, and prices are also uneven. Even many brands are facing huge competitive pressure, adopting low-price strategies and ignoring product quality.

As a distributor, how do we import sublimation paper? Why do we recommend you to import A-sub sublimation paper?

A-sub is a well-known sublimation paper brand with mature technology and good quality. At the same time, A-sub has a website specially developed for wholesalers. Both price and after-sales service can be guaranteed.

This article will let me take you to learn more about A-sub sublimation paper and the services we provide.

Mature Technology And Good Quality

Sublimation paper is applicable to sublimation transfer, on which can print images with mirror reversal through ink jet printing. Then transfer the image onto media by heating and pressuring, which makes ink on the paper become a gaseous state and combine with the media.

As a leader in the industry, A-sub not only has mature technology, but also has done a good job in details.

Multi-layer Microporous Technology

There are two types of sublimation paper on the market, swell type and microporous type. A-sub has developed a multi-layer microporous sublimation paper on this basis. Microporous coatings are alumina or silica in tiny inorganic particles that create voids or cavities in the coating. Then, the sublimation ink is absorbed into these cavities by capillary action.

Therefore, microporous paper is highly resistant to moisture and humid conditions. That said, microporous paper helps produce fast-drying prints. It solves the problem of paper swelling.

Microporous paper is also superior in terms of transfer rate, warpage and other properties.

The multi-layer microporous sublimation paper is optimized on the basis of the microporous sublimation paper, which can bring users a better experience.

The Features of A-sub Sublimation Paper

A-sub  sublimation transfer paper can transfer rich colors, and the transfer rate is as high as 98%, so the effect is comparable to printing.

And A-sub sublimation paper has high ink compatibility, which greatly facilitates customers.

In addition, one of the advantages of A-sub sublimation paper is the fast drying speed, which is of great help to improve the transfer efficiency. There are many people come admiringly.

Therefore, the products are durable and the image will not fall off, crack and fade. It dries fast and is suitable for high-quality polyester, materials with a cotton content of less than 30%. And it is highly compatible and can be used with any inkjet printer with sublimation ink.

The Quality of A Single Piece Is Guaranteed

When wholesale sublimation paper in bulk, we worry about the quality of a single piece of paper. After all, there are a lot of mixed sales of good and bad products in the market. A pile of goods is mixed with several or even a dozen pieces of poor-quality paper, or products that have been placed for a long time, which is the last thing we want to encounter.

Choose A-SUB, you can avoid this situation. We guarantee the quality of every product. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can contact us at any time.

Brand Assurance

A-sub sublimation paper is well known internationally. For example, if you search for sublimation paper on Amazon, A-sub sublimation paper appears directly on the front list.

Customers praised the A-sub sublimation paper again and again, and the experience was very good. Therefore, if you expect to buy small brands or even some three-no products, it is better to trust the choices of most people and trust big brands.

Fast Delivery

In addition to quality, we also focus on effectiveness. Our inventory is sufficient. The factory is efficient, and the quality and quantity are guaranteed.

Once the order is received, we will ship it out as quickly as possible. The A-sub factory ships according to the customer’s order volume. The minimum order quantity is 50 boxes, and we can ship it as soon as one week.

Timely And Effective After-sales Service

A-sub can provide customers with timely and effective after-sales service. Our sales staff have 10 years of sales experience. Moreover, our company has branches in China, Singapore, the United States, etc., which can reply 24 hours a day.

If you have any dissatisfaction with any aspect of A-sub sublimation paper, you can contact us. Not only can we respond in a timely manner, but we will do our best to solve your problem.


Overall, if you are a sublimation paper wholesaler, importing A-sub sublimation paper is definitely a good choice. Whether it is product quality, timeliness or even after-sales service, we will provide you with a first-class experience.

Technically, we have developed multi-layer microporous sublimation paper, which has stronger ink compatibility, faster drying speed and better transfer effect.

In terms of service, we have good timeliness, timely and effective after-sales service, and bring you a satisfactory purchasing experience.

In terms of price, the wholesale price of A-sub factory is absolutely favorable to ensure that your interests are maximized.

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