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Where Can I Buy A DTF Printer?


At the beginning of the DTF business, it is difficult to know how to choose the best DTF printer. Every aspect of the DTF printer will influence the printing of the DTF film. As a result, it is also of great significance to choose the best DTF printer. This article is written to help you choose the best DTF printer for you. I hope this article will be helpful for you in your DTF business. Next, let’s read on to learn more information about the DTF printer.

What are DTF Printing and DTF Printer?

As all we know, direct-to-film is a kind of brand-new transfer operation. The printer it used is also different from other transfer products like sublimation paper and T-shirt transfer paper. The materials of DTF transferring include DTF films, DTF ink, powder, a modified printer, an oven, and a heat press. The nozzle of the printer for DTF film must be modified before use. Of course, the effect of the printing will also be very pretty and vibrant. What’s more, DTF film can be used on all textiles and leathers which is resistant to high temperatures. This is now why so many manufacturers are willing to give it a try.

Categorization of DTF Printer

Not only because of the diversity of DTF films’ sizes but also to provide convenience to businessmen, people invented two kinds of DTF printers. They are the desktop DTF printer and DTF printer & powder shaker. Every kind of DTF printer has its own disadvantages and unique advantages. Next, let us show you below.

● Detailed Description of Desktop DTF Printer

The DTF printer is convenient to use on the desk or for small-scale manufacturers. This kind of desktop DTF printer must be used with an oven and a heat press. It is also easy to move in the process of printing. Before using the desktop DTF printer, you must modify the nozzle of the printer. Or the DTF ink cannot run out in large quantities. We usually buy the Epson printer to modify because of its printing method. The Epson printer’s printing method will not change the structure of the DTF ink. The only disadvantage is the whole complicate process of printing and transferring. It costs more human resources and time which will decrease production efficiency.

● Detailed Description of DTF Printer & Powder Shaker

As shown in the name, the DTF printer & powder shaker can complete your printing easily just in one step.

DTF printer & powder shaker solves the problem of the complex process of normal DTF printers. With this machine, you can complete the pattern printing, powder shaking, and powder heating at one time. You don’t have to put the DTF film into the oven at once it is covered by the powder on average. This kind of machine’s shaking powder will be more even than the manual. It is also more convenient to carry out heating after shaking the powder. The things you need to do are fill the DTF ink, DTF films, and powder into the DTF printer & powder shaker and wait for the printed DTF film.

Comparison Between Desktop DTF Printer and DTF Printer & Powder Shaker

Comparison between desktop DTF printers and DTF printer & powder shaker will give you a sharper understanding of these printers. We will compare the structure, operation process, and price to help you choose the best printer which is suitable for you.

● Machine Structure

Desktop DTF printers use special DTF ink. DTF inks are more concentrated than normal inks, and the ink output required for DTF printers is high. Otherwise, the pattern will not appear clear. As a result, this kind of printer has a specially modified nozzle.

DTF printer & powder shaker has two parts, the original printer, and the powder shaker. This machine is bigger and heavier than the desktop DTF printer. As a result, it is hard to move.

● Features of DTF Printers

Desktop DTF printers are easy to move. The only need to attention is its modified nozzle. It also needs more operation steps. Thus, if you have an urgent or giant order, the desktop DTF printer is not suitable for you.

DTF printer & powder shaker can finish your printing, powder shaking, and powder heating at one time. This DTF printer & powder shaker can save your human power and time to a large extent. Then you will get higher production efficiency. If you are a giant manufacturer or have an urgent order, you must use the DTF printer & powder shaker to increase your speed of production. At the same time, the DTF printer & powder shaker is more expensive than the desktop DTF printer, it is not cost-effective for small manufacturers.

Brand Recommendation of DTF Printer & Powder Shaker

There are many brands of DTF printer & powder shaker in the market. For example, the DTF printers produced by PUNEHOD, PLK, and QOMOLANGMA. Our A-sub DTF printer & powder shaker is also very competitive and reliable.

Most brands of DTF printer & powder shaker have no complete product line. But, A-sub has not only a DTF printer & powder shaker but also a one-stop solution——all the materials used in the process of transferring. If you are willing to try A-sub, we will provide you with the perfect service of DTF. You don’t need to have an order in other factories and wait for a long time. We also can provide you with the highest speed of delivery to ensure that you receive your goods in the fastest possible time. The most important is our price. All of the A-sub DTF products are cheaper than most other brands’ products. It will save your money in the beginning.


We hope you will get help in choosing the best DTF printer for you after reading this article. You will know more about which kinds of DTF printers should you choose. If you have an interest in DTF printers, welcome to communicate with us and give it a try. We are willing to provide free trial samples for you. If you are only interested in desktop printers, we are willing to provide you the other DTF products like DTF film, DTF ink, and powder. We ensure that the A-sub DTF series will provide you with the perfect experience. Thank you for reading here. We are waiting for your contact any time.

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