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What’s A-sub’s Product Concept?


What is Product Concept?

The product concept is formed and developed under the corporate concept. Thus, it must be consistent with the concept and brand culture of the enterprise. The corporate concept provides the basis for the formation of the product concept. And the product concept further explains and enriches the corporate concept. In fact, according to the enterprise business development strategy, it can have one or more product concepts. At the same time, it reflects and strengthens the brand image of the enterprise from many perspectives. The product concept is the core part of the product image, and all the visual images are for a core service. This core is the product concept.

A Brief Introduction to the A-sub

Before talking about A-sub’s product concept, let’s learn more about A-sub first. A-sub is a famous brand in the sublimation market. Its sublimation paper is Amazon’s best seller. There are over 40,000 reviews of it on the mainstream three-way e-commerce platforms. A-sub has the highest appearance rate on YouTube. There are also other products of A-sub. It has T-shirt transfer paper and sublimation ink. All of its products sell well and have good quality. As a result, I would like to introduce these products’ concepts to you.

A-sub’s Product Concept

It is because A-sub has been adhering to its product concept that A-sub’s products are getting better and better. Its product concept is professionalism, innovation, and partnership respectively.


A-sub has a professional R&D team, a promotion team, and a sales team. These professional staffs are the important guarantee of A-sub’s stable development. It is also because of the continuous development of A-sub that the later team recruited more useful talents.

●Detailed Introduction

Over the course of 25 years, A-sub has grown with over 35,000 square feet of workshops and over 50 local agents. This is a testament to how much benefit a professional team brings. Over the years, the R&D team has worked tirelessly to obtain significant results. The promotion team has promoted the products to a wider audience. And the sales team works hard to make service and after-sales the best it can be.

●Actual Proof

The significant results of the R&D team mentioned above are one of the evidence of the importance of professionalism. In recent years, the R&D team has produced the new Asub-GL product. As the latest product of the A-sub series, Asub-GL has a quality that is not inferior to the usual products. It has a very high transfer rate and a fast drying speed. It also has less ink residue and no ink overflow problem. What’s more, it is cheap. This has greatly improved the brand competitiveness of Asub-GL.

In addition to the professionalism of the R&D team, there is also the professionalism of the promotion team and sales team to prove. Without a professional promotion team, it is impossible for us to have such high sales in the mainstream three-party platform relying only on our own high quality. Without a professional sales team, customers’ buying experience will be reduced, and A-sub will be complained and not have so many repeat customers.


In the growth cycle theory, the most important thing is innovation. Only innovation can keep a company growing and dynamic. Therefore, innovation is also part of our concept.

●Detailed Introduction

When it comes to innovation, we have to mention our team’s keeping up with the times. The R&D team is constantly innovating paper technology just so that the paper can meet the ever-improving needs of people. The promotion team is also chasing the tide of new media in its scope and platforms. The sales team is also improving the quality of service and proposing new marketing programs year by year.

●Actual Proof

As far as innovation is concerned, I think the innovation of the R&D team can be described in detail. This is the most representative proof of innovation. We have developed a multilayer microporous type based on the expanded and microporous types. This new technology can greatly improve the quality of the paper. With the help of this technology, we have produced our new product Asub-GL. 


Schopenhauer once said that a single person is weak and powerless, just like Robinson who is adrift, only together with others he can accomplish many undertakings. Once a good product has no nice partner, it will be like a precious jade that no one has found, unable to blossom into its original glory. Thus, the success of a brand cannot be achieved without partnership.

●Detailed Introduction

We have long-term cooperation with many agents and have a strong relationship with each other. We also have more than 50 local agents. All of them praised A-sub very much. And they are willing to have more in-depth cooperation with us in the future. At present, we are making investment worldwide and hope to further expand our market. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us.

●Actual Proof

For example, Howard Chavez, who works at a sublimation studio used to say, “It is not easy for me to swap my supplier to A-sub as a first attempt, but it turned out great. Satisfied with the durability and color accuracy of the paper itself. My clients speak highly of it like to work with A-sub continuously.” At the same time, Aisha Nielsen, a craft designer, commented, “As a professional supplier working this field for years, A-sub 125g is the choice that suits me well, for my buyers prefer the fine look of the vivid color with line sharpness on the aluminum plate. will place more orders for their needs, much appreciated.”


Professionalism, innovation and partnership are the product concepts that we have always adhered to. After this, our R&D team, promotion team and sales team will continue to implement it. Professionalism and innovation are our approach to our products, and partnership is our guideline. We are confident that our products will get better and better to meet the needs of our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with your comments. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about A-sub or sublimation.

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