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What Is The Feature Of Successful Sublimation Transfer Business?


Sublimation transfer printing is used in many places in life, such as home furnishing, advertising, clothing, etc. It is not difficult to find that there are several shining star sublimation transfer companies in each field. So what are the characteristics of these companies?

After a closer look, We found that these successful sublimation transfer companies have several similar characteristics, clear positioning, high-quality consumables manufacturer and good business capabilities.

Then let us learn the successful experience of excellent sublimation transfer printing companies in detail.

Have a clear business scope and continue to expand

Because of the equipment and venues required for sublimation transfer printing, sublimation transfer printing companies generally have a clear business scope. A successful sublimation transfer company will continue to grow in size as its business expands.

Company Size

The size of the company refers not only to the company’s floor space and even the number of employees, but also to the company’s business. Because every business requires different materials and equipment. For example, apart from the required sublimation paper and white embryos, the heat-pressing machine required for the sublimation transfer mug and the sublimation transfer T-shirt is different.

This is why when the company’s business continues to expand, the scale of the sublimation transfer company is also constantly upgrading. Because the company needs to buy more equipment, train employees and even bring in experienced employees.

Scope of application

The business of the company mentioned in the article can actually be understood as scope of application. Sublimation transfer is required in many places in life, such as clothing, advertising, and home furnishing. It is impossible for a sublimation transfer company to be proficient in all the business at the beginning. Generally, successful sublimation transfer companies will have one or more advantageous businesses, and then gradually expand other businesses in the development.

Therefore, if you want to successfully run a sublimation transfer company, it is recommended to define your own key sublimation transfer business, become famous in a specific field, and then expand your business gradually.

There are sublimation paper manufacturers that have been working with.

After clarifying our business scope, we need to consider cooperative sublimation material suppliers. The sublimation paper, sublimation ink and other consumables we need in the transfer process largely determine our final sublimation result.

Therefore, successful sublimation transfer companies generally have one or more long-term cooperative sublimation paper manufacturers. At the same time, these sublimation paper manufacturers generally have similar characteristics, such as excellent brand reputation, advanced production technology and good quality.

Another point has to be mentioned. Generally, the scale of these sublimation paper manufacturers is not too small, and the delivery speed is fast, which will not affect the progress of sublimation transfer printing.

Brand reputation

The brand reputation of the sublimation paper supplier is important. The most ideal cooperative supplier can help the transfer company to expand the market. For example, A-sub sublimation paper is very famous in the transfer printing industry. If we can cooperate with it, it will increase the trust of customers in the company and feel that the quality is guaranteed. Even if you can’t cooperate with such a company, do not use inferior sublimation paper, such consumables will hinder the company’s development.

Mature technology and good quality

A good sublimation paper manufacturer needs to have mature production technology, which is the quality assurance of sublimation paper and the guarantee of good transfer results.

Sublimation paper consists of base paper and coating. Currently, there are three sublimation papers with different coatings on the market, including swelling sublimation paper, microporous sublimation paper and multi-layer microporous sublimation paper.

Swellable Sublimation Paper is the First Generation. This sublimation paper is made by coating it with organic polymers, like gelatin. This coating swells up to surround the sublimation ink once the ink strikes the paper.

In layman’s terms, when the swellable sublimation paper is working, the ink is attached to its surface. So it’s not hard to figure out that it has excellent image finish and print durability.

However, swellable paper is more sensitive to contact with water and highly humid environments. As a result, the produced prints also require longer drying times.

This posed a problem as ink jet printers tended to print faster than the sublimation ink could dry. Consequently, another form of paper has gained prominence.

The Performance of Microporous Sublimation Paper is Better. Microporous coatings are alumina or silica in tiny, inorganic particles that create voids or cavities in the coating. The sublimation ink is then absorbed into these cavities by capillary action.

As a result, microporous papers have high resistance to moisture and humid conditions. That is to say, microporous papers help produce rapidly drying prints. It solves the problem of swellable papers.

Of course, in terms of transfer rate, warpage and other properties, microporous paper is also better.

It is worth mentioned that our company has developed multi-layer microporous sublimation paper. It is better than microporous sublimation paper in various performances.

If you have a large production volume and sufficient funds, it is recommended that you choose microporous paper. However, the choice should also be based on reality and choose the most suitable one.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery speed is the guarantee of the efficiency of the sublimation transfer printing company. Take A-sub as an example,our inventory is sufficient. The factory is efficient, and the quality and quantity are guaranteed.

Once the order is received, we will ship it out as quickly as possible. The A-sub factory ships according to the customer’s order volume. The minimum order quantity is 50 boxes, and we can ship it as soon as one week.

Have a good reputation and a certain market share.

In the end, the successful sublimation transfer printing company must have a certain market share. Thanks to early efforts, it has also gained some fame. High quality transfer materials, on-time delivery, and high transfer quality are the hallmarks of a good sublimation transfer company.


Overall, there are many factors that make a sublimation transfer company successful.

First of all, the company must clarify its own positioning and field. On the premise of ensuring advantageous business, we will continue to expand our business.

Second, partnering with the right consumables manufacturer not only guarantees quality, but also broadens the market and enhances your reputation.

Finally, it is to improve its own business capabilities and win a place in the sublimation transfer market.

For sublimation transfer companies, if they want to learn from the successful experience of other companies, they need to make efforts in the above aspects.

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