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What is DTF Powder?


At present, DTF is a kind of brand-new transfer operation. Compared with other transfer operations, the DTF has a few excellent advantages. It can work on any textile fabric including cotton and doesn’t need to worry about the colors of the fabrics. By the way, if you don’t know more about DTF, you can read the article named What is DTF Printing? first. Next, let us read on and have a look at the DTF powder.

Brief Introduction of DTF Powder

We need DTF film, DTF powder, and textile substrates to do DTF. DTF powder is an important material in the process of transferring. It looks like white powder. We usually use it right after printing the film. If you don’t use the powder right after printing the film, the powder cannot cover the film well. Don’t neglect the function of DTF powder in the process of transferring.

How to Use DTF Powder?

There are two methods to use DTF powder, manual shaking and machine shaking. There is almost no difference between the effects of these two methods. But, these two methods can influence your efficiency and cost in a particular situation. Next, let us introduce more detailed information about these two methods to you.


When you try to use DTF, you may begin to use the modified printer, an oven, and a heat press first. The step of covering the film with powder needs to be completed right after printing the film. This step needs to be finished by humans. As a result, it is difficult to cover the film with powder on average. What’s more, if you insist on using these machines to do the DTF rather than the machines I will refer to next, you must pay more money, time, and human power to it.

●Powder Shaker

Usually, the powder shaker will be used together with the DTF printer. If you see the DTF printer and powder shaker for the first time, you may think that these two machines are the whole machine. The powder shaker is fully automatic and doesn’t need to operate. It can help you to cover the film with powder on average and heat it immediately afterward. What’s more, the film can be rolled by the powder shaker carefully, too. As a result, you can save a lot of human power. The pattern of the film will not be polluted in the process. The final products completed will be very well, too.

How Does DTF Powder Work?

Actually, you can also call DTF powder adhesive powder. The DTF powder is a solid glue in powder form. After the film is covered with powder by a powder shaker. The powder will be heated and then the powder will become a plastic film. This plastic film will help the pattern be transferred to the substrates. When the plastic film is heated through the heat press, it will be sticky without limitation in choosing the fabrics of the textile materials. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the choice of the substrate’s fabrics anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers about DTF powder that may appear in the process of transferring. We hope you can find the answer you want to know. If you have other questions, you can connect us to learn more information.

●Will the Uneven Powder on the Film Affect the Transfer Effect?

Absolutely no. The DTF powder is a solid glue in powder form. When it is heated, it will melt into a plastic film. Of course, the glue will be a flat film. There is no unflatness anymore. By the way, if you prefer to use a desktop printer, you may have this problem, too. The most important step is to cover the film with DTF powder right after the film is printed. The printed film will not be sticky after you leave it alone for a while.

●Can the DTF Film Adhere to Other Kinds of Substrates Rather than Textile Materials?

Yes. But we recommend you not to do this. The other kinds of substrates are different from textile materials. They have no smooth cover. Although you do DTF on them in success, the pattern will be broken soon because of the external friction and rubbing. All in all, we still recommend you do DTF on textile materials rather than the other kinds of substrates.

●Desktop DTF, DTF Printer and Powder Shaker, Which is Best for Me?

It depends on your scale of production and the size of the goods produced. If your scale of production is very huge, we recommend you buy a DTF printer and powder shaker to save more human power and cost. On the other hand, if your scale of production is small, you can choose desktop DTF. Moreover, if the size of the goods produced is large and the scale of production is not large, we still prefer to recommend you use desktop DTF to save the money of buying the machines.


DTF powder is one of the important parts of the DTF. Although it is often overlooked, it still plays an important role in the process of transferring. Of course, the other materials like DTF film and the machines are also vital. It is important to ensure the quality of these things to polish the quality of the DTF productions.

After reading this article, we hope you can learn more about DTF powder and DTF transfer operations. By the way, you can read more articles about DTF on our blog. Maybe they can answer your questions, too. We also welcome you to have an order at A-sub. We will provide you with a one-stop solution to give you the biggest convenience. If you have any other questions, welcome to email and connect us any time. We have professional serviceability and a perfect service attitude. Thanks for your reading.

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