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The Detailed Introduction of Asub-GL Sublimation Paper


Asub-GL sublimation paper is the latest product of A-sub sublimation paper. In all aspects, Asub-GL is superior to the original A-sub series. It took A-sub several years to invent it. Now, let us show you more about the details of the Asub-GL sublimation paper. By the way, if you want to know more about A-sub, you can read this article.

Paper Weight

Okay, before talking about Asub-GL’s paper weight, let’s study about the unit of measurement of paper weight first. GSM (grams per square meter) is the most accurate measurement for the paper. Only GSM can show the thickness and the density of the paper well. The GSM of Asub-GL is 113. This is different from the main sublimation paper’s weight. This also means it can hold more sublimation ink. But, if you have a serious need for the hold of ink, you can choose A-sub 125 GSM sublimation paper instead of Asub-GL sublimation paper.

Paper Size

Sizes Available: A4/A3/8.5*11″/11*17″/13*19″ etc.

There are diverse sizes of Asub-GL like A-sub. So don’t worry about the problem of the lack of sizes. You can choose any size you want to fit your design. It will also prevent you from purchasing extra sublimation paper and help you to save more money. These sizes can enough your different needs.

Transfer Rate


The transfer rate of Asub-GL sublimation paper can be over 98%. It has a higher transfer rate for more vibrant colors. 98% is really high in the market for sublimation paper. The product can hold up to 300% of the ink of the sublimated image. The high transfer rate can provide you best-sublimated products and high profits. As a result, this is also an outstanding advantage of Asub-GL.

Transfer Residue

Transfer Residue
Transfer Residue

For the experiment to detect transfer residue, we chose INKTEC ink and an Epson L805 printer. We used products A to D2 all transferred at 210°C for 40 seconds. Products A to D2 were from different areas. The test results showed that only Asub-GL had less residue. We also found that it has a good anti-transmittance effect compared with other products. The low residual rate of the paper effectively prevents the ink from soaking through to the back side and affecting printing and transferring. This makes the chance of possible problems in the sublimation process less likely.



To complete this experiment, we prepared an Epson 6280 printer and Epson ink. As shown in the image above, the circled areas of products A and B showed burrs and ink bleeding. In contrast, the areas of the Asub-GL70 and GL100 had smooth lines with no burrs or ink bleeding. We can thus see that Asub-GL sublimation paper prints significantly better than other brands. If you want to pursue exquisite and high-quality products, but also want to save costs, Asub-GL sublimation paper is the right choice for you.

Drying Speed

Asub-GL sublimation paper has the highest drying speed which can even be in 30 seconds. It dries at least ten seconds faster than other brands of sublimation paper. The fastest drying time of the other brands of sublimation paper is 40 seconds. Asub-GL sublimation paper is definitely suitable for businessmen who demand high speed for making products. It saves more time during the process of producing when you are in urgent order. Of course, it is also very convenient for personal use.

Unique Technology

After learning more about Asub-GL sublimation paper, you must be curious about the secret of Asub-GL sublimation paper’s high quality. The secret is the unique technology Asub-GL used. Let’s watch the structure of the sublimation paper in detail.

image 1

The unique technology Asub-GL used is called microporous multilayer technology. As the image above shows, it has 5 layers. Every layer with its function is of great significance. Microporous ink-absorbing coatings wet swell and shrink the microporosity of the coating after ink absorption and drying respectively. This allows for rapid drying and transfer of ink. If you want to learn more about the unique technology of Asub-GL sublimation paper, please click here.


Asub-GL is not yet available for sale on third-party websites, and can only be reserved on the official A-sub website. Asub-GL will generally take one week from delivery to arrival if the pre-order quantity is large. This may be a bit too long for some manufacturers. But the advantages of Asub-GL sublimation paper are also significant. If you are not in a hurry to complete your production or are not afraid of a tedious ordering process, you can absolutely choose Asub-GL.


The price of Asub-GL is not expensive. Although it is the latest product of A-sub, it has a lower price than the other A-sub sublimation paper. If you want to spend the same price, we recommend you choose the Asub-GL sublimation paper. Asub-GL sublimation paper can bring you the best experience of using it. You can never go wrong with it.


All in all, the Asub-GL sublimation paper is undoubtedly one of the best products in the A-sub series in terms of technology. The price is also very friendly. If you are looking for a higher-quality product, you are welcome to order Asub-GL. If you don’t try this product, we will be sorry for you to miss such a good product. Finally, we are glad you read this article and we hope this article can help you. You are welcome to ask us questions or communicate with us via message or email.

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