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Pros and Cons of the DTF PET Film



DTF PET film is a kind of brand-new transfer operation that is quite different from sublimation paper. It has excellent quality and vibrant effects. Maybe you are already used to using sublimation paper. However, the DTF PET film will bring you a unique experience and impress you a lot. Let us show you more detailed information below.

Brief Introduction to DTF PET Film

DTF PET film need to work with DTF powder, a modified printer, an oven, and a heat press together. On the other hand, if you have a specific printer and a powder shaker, you can do it in fewer steps. Compared with the effect of sublimation, the effect of DTF PET film will be better because of the high concentration of DTF ink. Many manufacturers prefer to use DTF PET film rather than sublimation paper. If you want to try, welcome to contact us to get free samples.

Pros of DTF PET Film

There are some outstanding and absolute advantages of DTF PET film. Not only the field of using and producing but also the fields of your business will benefited from DTF PET film. Read on and learn more about these advantages.

●No Limitation of Fabrics

The biggest advantage of DTF PET film is its wide range of application of textile fabrics. As we all know, sublimation paper can transfer fabrics except cotton fabric or the fabrics with dark colors. To transfer the cotton fabric and the fabrics with dark colors, we need to use special white or dark T-shirt transfer paper. But, after the invention of DTF PET film, we can deal with this problem in one step. The DTF PET film can transfer not only almost all the fabrics including the cotton fabric but also the fabrics with dark colors. What’s more, if the leather fabrics you use are resistant to the high temperature, DTF PET film can also work on it.

●No Engraving

Because of the special modified printer and DTF powder, it doesn’t need engraving. The area which printed is used to glue DTF powder. This step must be done right after finishing the printing. Only the pattern area will be sticky. Therefore the uniformly shaken DTF powder will form an adhesive film at the pattern after heating for easy transfer. This saves the cost and time of manual engraving later.

●High Solidity

The finished DTF film has a very high rubbing strength whether it is in a dry or wet environment. There is no need to worry about damage to the pattern caused by washing and rubbing. In addition, DTF film supports both cold and hot tearing, so you don’t have to worry about peeling or tearing the pattern. However, if you have the conditions, we still recommend you to tear it cold.

●Cheap and Fine

DTF PET film is very cheap among these kinds of transfer papers on the market, especially compared to T-shirt transfer paper. Since DTF PET film uses special DTF ink, this makes the DTF PET film film print out very colorful and eye-catching patterns. There is a obvious difference compared to other transfer papers.

Cons of DTF PET Film

DTF PET film has such advantages. Why some manufacturers still use sublimation paper and T-shirt transfer paper? Compared with the paper which referred above, the DTF PET film also has its special disadvantages.

●Complex Process Or Expensive Price

There are two kinds of transfer methods of DTF PET film. Let me elaborate on these two methods by situation.

One is used by small-scale producers, and the other is used by large-scale producers. The small-scale production process is a little more complicated. It uses a retrofit printer, oven and heat press. The production process relies heavily on human labor for DTF film transfer, powder shaking, baking and transferring. Therefore, the efficiency is not particularly high.

Large-scale manufacturers using DTF PET film purchase special printers and powder shakers to print, cover the film with powder and heat the film all at one step. Only the final transfer process needs to be done manually to complete the product. The downside is that it is very expensive to purchase these large printers and powder shakers. If you are not a specific manufacturer of DTF products, we do not recommend that you invest a lot of money in printers and powder shakers. What’s more, according to the size and weight of the machine, it is not easy to move around. We recommend that you place and use it in a large plant.

●Poor Air Permeability

Because of the powder, the textile fabrics which transferred by the DTF PET film have poor air permeability. When the hot melt adhesive powder is heated it becomes a film, which is gelatinous and therefore not breathable. If you are care about the air permeability of fabric, you had better choose heat sublimation paper to process your clothes.


All in all, there are some outstanding and absolute advantages of DTF PET film. Not only the field of using and producing but also the fields of your business will benefited from DTF PET film. DTF PET film can bring you better advantages than disadvantages. We really hope you can be interested in it and learn more about DTF. If you have interests in DTF printers, welcome to communicate with us and give it a try. We are willing to provide free trial samples for you. If you are only interested in desktop printers, we are willing to provide you the other DTF products like DTF film, DTF ink and powder.

Moreover, if you are willing to work with A-sub, it will be an absolute win-win situation for each other. Thank you for reading this article. If you would like to place an order with A-sub, please feel free to contact us by leaving a message. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks for reading here.

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