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Is DTF a Great Addition for Your Business?



As practitioners, you must have seen a lot of DTF-related information during this period, including comparisons, explanations, and introductions. Can the information bring more vitality to your company, and will DTF technology make your company develop better?

DTF is a Great Addition for Your Business. With its own advantages, it can broaden your company’s business and increase the company’s professional categories.

Next, I will summarize the advantages of DTF from the comparison, so that you can have a clear understanding of DTF.

The difference between DTF and traditional transfer Technologies

DTF sounds like it’s more complicated than traditional transfer techniques. This is not the case, the operation process of DTF is not much different from that of other technologies. While, it does have unique advantages.

Then, I will compare DTF with DTG, sublimation transfer and HTV, and summarize the advantages of DTF.


DTG and DTF printing similarly use digital inkjet technology to print their designs on substrates. The difference is that DTG prints directly onto the substrate, while DTF uses transfer films as a medium to transfer the design to the substrate.

One print’s ultimate result is vastly different from the other. In DTG, the drawing and DTG inks are mixed with the fabric and have a coarser feel, comparable to the base, but in DTF, the fixing powder makes it appear plastic, shiny, and less integrated with the fabric. They have a greater perceived quality since the colors are pure, and the underlying color does not interfere.

If you want to know more about the differences between them, you can refer to the video below.

DTF VS Sublimation transfer

Compared with sublimation transfer , the biggest advantage of DTF is that it does not take care about the color and material of the fabric.

DTF printing is to first print the design on the DTF film, then cover the pattern with hot melt powder and bake it to melt. Finally, the pattern is transferred to various colors and materials by thermal transfer printing.

In, addition, DTF Pigment ink is a special water-based pigment ink. It is mainly used for direct jet printing on cotton, line, and cotton blended fabrics, such as glue screen printing,digital printing. The pattern transfer with DTF Pigment ink has bright color and good color fastness. At the same time,the pattern is no fade.

If you want to know more about the differences between them, you can refer to the video below.


DTF is more convenient compared with HTV. The process of using HTV is to first engrave the design on the vinyl with an engraving machine. The extra part needs to be removed, then the pattern is ironed on the garment. Finally, the PET release film is removed.

The DTF printing and powder curing process is an assembly line process, while the cutting process of the vinyl thermal transfer printer can only be done after the printing is completed. In addition to printing and cutting, a lot of production time is also allocated to weeding and transfer processes.

What’s more, No matter the color or quality, DTF transfer result is better. HTV is usually monochrome, and different textures such as reflective, luminous, metallic and flocking can be distinguished due to different processes and materials.

At the same time, compared with HTV, DTF can print finer lines and will not be deformed after high temperature heat transfer. The result after transfer is smooth, elastic, stretch resistant and good washing effect.

If you want to know more about the differences between them, you can refer to the video below.

Summary of the advantages of DTF

Next, let me summarize the advantages of DTF.

Easy operation

DTF has the advantage of free version and no pick characters. It does not need to cut the graphics through the word cutter.

DTF uses the principle of hot melt adhesive powder adhering to ink, any complex graphics can be easily transferred and in place at one time. This overcomes the problem that the word cutter cannot cut too small and broken graphics.

DTF can be easily transferred through a thermal transfer machine, giving the cultural and creative industry more design space, making the printing of fabrics more flexible and more convenient.

More details in the transferred pattern

It can printing of very small patterns and texts, as well as multi-color printing. The article mentioned above that the pattern transferred by DTF thermal transfer film is clearer due to the use of water-based pigment ink. This is why DTF transfer film can better display pattern details.

Wide applicability

DTF can be applied to a wide range of materials, including various shades of canvas, cotton T, sweatshirts, denim, nylon and other textile materials. It provides more possibilities for customized product printing. Therefore, it offers more possibilities for customizing the printing of goods, but also more diverse products that can be printed.

Not easy to fall off under the sun

The pattern transferred from DTF heat transfer film has strong light fastness and is not easy to fade.


DTF Heat transfer film not only has strong sun fastness, but also has strong washing fastness. It is not easy to fall off with normal washing and cleaning.

However, the following two points need to be paid attention to when using DTF Heat transfer film.

Time consuming

DTF printing is not that fast. However, multiple pictures can be printed together, so the time-consuming is not too long. It’s just that it’s slower than sublimation transfer.

Poor air permeability

Because the DTF Heat transfer film transfers the pattern to the fabric through hot melt adhesive, the pattern it transfers has a soft texture. This also leads to its air permeability is not as good as sublimation paper.

not expensive

The most important point is that when using DTF transfer printing technology in batches, the average price is also lower than the other three transfer printing technologies.


Generally, DTF a Great Addition for Your Business.

DTF Heat transfer film is a very distinctive transfer consumable.

DTF is affordable and suitable for high-volume transfer. The pattern transferred from the DTF heat transfer film is not easy to fall off and fade.

If you are interested in DTF thermal transfer film, you can still try it.

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