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How To Store Sublimation Ink?


Storage issues are something you should consider before importing sublimation inks . You need to try your best to minimize losses and maximize profits. How to store sublimation ink?

First of all, you have to import sublimation ink with a long shelf life, a good price, and a strict packaging. Second, you have to strictly observe the storage conditions.

The rest of this article will explain a few topics related to this question in great detail. What should be considered before storage? What are the storage conditions?

Import Suitable Sublimation Inks

Before importing sublimation ink in large quantities, we must strictly check the quality of the ink. After ensuring the quality is good, we must start to pay attention to its shelf life and the tightness of the packaging. These are closely related to the storage time of the ink.

Long shelf life

Pay attention to the expiration date of the ink. Similar to other printing inks, sublimation inks also have an expiration date. Do not use expired ink.

At present, most sublimation inks on the market have a shelf life of about two years when unopened. As a distributor, we need to sell out and use up before the expiration date to ensure the best results from our sublimation ink.

Most sublimation inks are water-based. These inks usually come in bottles already marked with the manufacturer’s expiration date. Once that date arrives, these inks will no longer work regardless of how you store them. In addition to shelf life, freezing should also be avoided.

Water-based inks cannot be stored in the refrigerator. If the ink freezes when it is thawed, it detaches and is no longer usable. Avoid this by taking extra care with your ink and looking carefully at the expiration date.

Good price

Importing sublimation inks in large quantities and then giving them a suitable storage environment requires a lot of capital investment. Therefore, we must consider the cost performance when purchasing sublimation ink. Try to choose ink of good quality, long shelf life and reasonable price to ensure maximum profit.

Strict packaging

Sublimation ink must be kept in an airtight container. Sublimation inks can dry out if exposed to air, making them unsuitable for use.

Additionally, exposure to air can also cause certain bacteria to grow in your sublimation ink. These bacteria can naturally degrade the ink material.

Speaking of this, we have to mention sublimation ink of our company. A-sub sublimation ink is tightly packaged, and its shelf life fully meets market requirements. More importantly, we can give better prices than retail sites.

The quality of the A-sub sublimation ink is not to be questioned. It has bright colors, rich color spectrum and strong compatibility. It is worth mentioning that the transfer rate of A-sub sublimation ink is as high as 98%.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions of the sublimation paper are very important because it affects the transfer effect of the sublimation ink directly.

Avoid direct sunlight

Most sublimation inks are water-based. If you store them under direct sunlight, the heat will cause the water to evaporate, making the ink stickier. Using strong sublimation inks can damage your printhead nozzles, and print quality may also be effected.

In addition, the UV energy carried by sunlight can also cause chemical breakdown of the ink material. This may cause the ink to fade and you must replace the stock ahead of time.

Keep the air dry

Sublimation ink needs to be placed in a dry place. Humidity should be controlled at 50% to 70%. High humidity can easily breed bacteria.Those germs and bacteria will damage sublimation inks.

Keep it airtight and away from bacteria of any kind when storing sublimation ink. If your ink comes into too much bacterial contact with any of these things, they will no longer be good. Using poor quality ink can damage not only print device but product as well.

Suitable temperature

The temperature of the printing room should be controlled at about 59˚F-77˚F. Too high or too low temperature is not conducive to the storage of sublimation ink.

If the temperature is too low, the sublimation ink will freeze and can no longer be used even if it is thawed. If the temperature is too high, bacteria can grow. The color will no longer be pure and other bad consequences.

Frequently asked questions

While different sublimation inks have different shelf lives when the package is sealed, how long do you have after the package is opened?

With Sublimation inks, once the cartridge is loaded in the sublimation printer, the clock is running on the expiry. Thus, use it up as soon as possible after opening.

Can I change the ink packaging by myself?

It is not recommended to replace the ink package, if it is not used immediately. Try not to open the package and keep it in the original packaging.


As a distributor, ink storage is undoubtedly a problem that you need to pay special attention to.

Only by Importing suitable sublimation ink and strictly complying with storage conditions can  

you reduce losses and maximize profits.

First of all, it is necessary to import sublimation ink with a long shelf life and tight packaging. Then, it is important to strictly control the temperature and humidity, and avoid direct sunlight.

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