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How to Make Your DTF Business Succeed?


Nowadays, many people pursue brand-new things. The transfer paper industry is no exception. Direct-to-film is such a kind of innovative transfer operation. The DTF film can transfer almost all textile materials including cotton. It can also ignore the influence of the original color of the substrates. This means the manufacturers can have more choices in the materials of clothing. As a result, the DTF solution has great popularity. And then, here comes the problem, how to start and make your DTF business succeed?

What Do You Need to Start Your Successful DTF Business?

As the old saying goes, a good start is half of success. The things which need to start your successful DTF business are of great importance. Not only the DTF materials but also the machines should be chosen carefully. Perfect teamwork and stable partners are also essential. Next, let me show you more detailed information about these things.

● High-quality DTF Materials

The high-quality DTF materials are the basis of the DTF business. The DTF film, DTF ink, and powder qualities have a vital effect on the business. Before buying the DTF materials, we had better try to transfer the clothing. It can prevent the problem of matching the film to the ink and powder. We must ensure all the DTF materials can work well together before going into production.

● Excellent DTF Machines

In the process of producing, you need to use a printer, a heat press, and an oven. Also, you can use a DTF printer & powder shaker instead of a printer and an oven. The DTF printer & powder shaker can complete the pattern printing, powder shaking, and powder heating in one step. It saves a lot of time and human power in the process of production and increases the production efficiency.

● Perfect Teamwork

The teamwork decides the stability of your DTF business. You don’t need to worry about the problems in the process of business operation and dedicate yourself to the DTF industry. From the raw materials entering the factory to the products of the ex-factory, the products transferred have no omissions. Each link can be perfectly aligned. As a result, perfect teamwork can provide you with the greatest support in your DTF business.

● Stable Cooperation Partners

During the process of management, you will definitely cooperate with other businesses. And the stability of the cooperation partners is of great importance. Your raw materials and product accessories must have a stable inbound channel to ensure the stable high-quality of your business.

The Key to Your Successful DTF Business

Of course, the key to your successful DTF business is an absolutely excellent and stable cooperation manufacturer. This is the most important external factor of your business.

I recommend A-sub as your cooperation partner. First of all, A-sub has grown for over 20 years which is longer than most manufacturers in the market. As a result, it has rich experience and different kinds of DTF materials. A-sub can easily provide you with all the DTF materials which you need in the process of production. Long-term management allows A-sub to have more experience in producing DTF materials and have more sizes of DTF films. You can have more choices in the sizes of DTF films according to the DTF products you plan to produce.

Secondly, A-sub’s high quality and various products are famous in the market. Not only its sublimation series but also its brand-new DTF series are high-quality. What’s more, A-sub still invests money, human power, and money to polish the technology of the products. When you start your business, the same brand of DTF materials will have the highest collocation degree. You don’t need to waste time choosing suitable DTF materials anymore. Moreover, if you have all your orders in A-sub, you can save a lot of transportation costs and time.

Thirdly, A-sub provides you with perfect service all the time. A-sub has some agent merchants in Singapore and the USA which can provide you with service without waiting. A-sub even can provide local service and help you to improve your DTF production. Such meticulous service is very valuable in the industry.

Last but not least, A-sub can be believed definitely. A-sub insists on cooperating with your DTF business with the utmost sincerity. A-sub prefers to build partnerships rather than an ordinary business relationship with the DTF business. What’s more, you can view more articles about our products on our official website to increase your understanding of us.


These are the ways how to make your DTF business successful. Apart from teamwork, DTF materials, and machines, the most important thing is to find your most reliable partner. A-sub can do this. A-sub can provide not only the most sincere cooperation but also the stable quality of DTF materials and convenient DTF machines. If you are willing to work with A-sub, it will be an absolute win-win situation for each other. Thank you for reading this article. If you would like to place an order with A-sub, please feel free to contact us by leaving a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What are the Advantages of A-sub Compared with Other Manufacturers?

A-sub has rich experience and products in the market which has great competitiveness. All the DTF materials, DTF printer, and powder shaker can be bought at A-sub. This gives you a big convenience.

● What Can Prove A-sub’s Reliability?

Not to mention the long history of A-sub’s development, A-sub has excellent ratings on all major three-way e-commerce trading platforms. The Amazon platform has been ranked at the top. Our working team is growing year by year. The technical team is also chasing the most advanced technology. We ensure that our products have better quality than most products in the market. You can leave a message and we will provide you with trial samples.

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