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How To Import High-quality Sublimation Ink?


We all know that high quality sublimation inks help us get great transfer results. What is a high-quality sublimation ink? How to import high-quality sublimation ink?

First of all, we have to clarify the inspection standards for high-quality sublimation inks. The information is then collected in a number of ways. Finally, choose the most suitable one according to your actual needs.

This article mainly discusses several factors that affect the quality of sublimation ink in detail, and solves some related problems.

How to import high-quality sublimation ink?

The selection of high-quality sublimation ink should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of ink quality and compatibility with the machine. At the same time, you need to know how to obtain this information.

What factors should I know before purchasing sublimation ink?

Clear the material of blanks

First, identify the material of blank you want to sublime. The sublimation ink you import must be suitable for the blanks you want to transfer on. 

Although sublimation ink can be transferred on materials such as porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber cloth, etc. Different sublimation inks have different transfer effects on white embryos. Some transfer inks have poor transfer effect on special blanks, such as metal and glass.

Consider ink compatibility with the printer

The next thing you need to consider is the compatibility of sublimation inks with your printer. There are many sublimation inks on the market that are only available for certain brands and models of printers. This is reason that ensuring compatibility is very important.

Import sublimation inks with smaller particles

Ink particle size is a very significant consideration. If the particles of the sublimation ink are relatively large, it may cause the clogging of the print head. So when we import sublimation ink, pay attention to their filtration process and user experiences.

Focus on transfer rate

The transfer rate, as the name suggests, refers to the contrast between the effect of the transfer on the blanks and the original image. At present, the transfer rate of sublimation transfer in the market is mostly above 90%, the higher the better. The higher the transfer rate, the better the color, vividness, smoothness and durability of the print.

Clear requirements for color

Many times we don’t have full control over the transfer effect, we can only do better. Therefore, when importing sublimation inks, we should try our best to import inks with bright and rich colors. Only in this way, the transfer rate of the print will be higher.

Cooperate the right brand

The next step is to choose the brand of sublimation ink. Generally experienced practitioners or transfer enthusiasts will have several preferred brands.

Our company is one of the more popular brands. A-sub is a well-known brand in the digital printing industry and personalized transfer industry at home and abroad. Our company’s sublimation inks lead the market in terms of compatibility, transfer rate, and price.

Take care of the size

When it comes to printing, the size of the ink matters. Your ink bottles should be large enough for your printer’s needs, as this way you can avoid refilling them frequently. There are better sizes on the market, from 100 to 240 ml. You can choose one according to your needs.

How to know the above factors?

The above information is generally provided by the supplier with specific data. However, how to check whether this information is true? Often many businesses give everyone the advantages of their products.

At this time, we need to go to various websites, such as Amazon, to look for customer reviews. Go and search for the experience posts of some internet celebrities. Combining these approaches, we can have a detailed and real understanding of ink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pay attention to when changing different brands of ink?

Changing the brand of sublimation ink is not recommended for many reasons. It can wreak havoc on color correction and cause trouble for your printer.

You can use a cleaning kit and then choose another brand of sublimation ink if needed. If you don’t run the cleaning kit, residue from previous colors may affect the results.

What are the consequences of importing low-quality sublimation ink?

If you import a low-quality sublimation ink, it may cause the ink to be incompatible with the instrument, not easy to sublime, and even block the junction. This could eventually lead to transfer failure and damage to the instrument.

What’s more, sublimation ink of poor quality may also cause environmental pollution.


In general, we need to fully consider multiple aspects when we import sublimation ink. The material of the target blanks, the compatibility of the ink, the vividness of the color, ect. are all indispensable.

In addition to the official website and the clear information provided by the supplier. We also need to learn to go to third-party platforms to find customer reviews and experience posts.

Importing a high-quality sublimation ink is an important part of sublimation transfer. Don’t choose blindly.

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