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How Do I Choose T-shirt Printing Company?


As a distributor, choosing a good T-shirt transfer company often means half the success of the business. How to choose a good T-shirt transfer company?

First of all, you must clarify your needs. Then, choose the best one from the company that meets your requirements.

The rest of this article will explain a few topics related to this question in great detail. What factors should be paid attention to when choosing a t-shirt printing company? How to choose a t-shirt printing company?

What factors should be paid attention to when choosing a t-shirt printing company?

Blind decisions are not advisable. Therefore, we need to understand clearly in advance what to pay attention to when choosing a T-shirt printing company.

Recognize one company with appropriate scale

Before choosing a T-shirt transfer company, you should clarify your needs. Some companies are only suitable for small batch production, while some companies do not accept small orders.

The order quantity needs to be determined in advance, which determines the size of the company you are about to choose.

Consider the printing technology of a company

There are a variety of T-shirt transfer technologies available on the market today. The technology used by each T-shirt printing company is also different.

Therefore, we need to choose a suitable printing technology according to our needs. Below is a list of the pros and cons of several t-shirt transfer techniques I have listed.

Printing time, quality, pattern clarity, color brightness, design complexity, etc. These are all things we need to consider and compare.

If you want to know more about T-shirt printing technology, you can click the link below to learn more.

What Is the best T-shirt transfer printing technology?

Find out the choice of transfer material

The printing materials used by the T-shirt transfer company are also important, including transfer paper, ink, ect.

The quality of the transfer paper determines the transfer results due to different Ink, compatibility, transfer rate,ect.

Transfer ink is also important. For example, if the company uses the sublimation method, the quality of the ink directly affects the clarity and transfer rate of the pattern.

As a company that produces transfer paper and transfer ink, we place great emphasis on the quality of our products. We are constantly improving product performance and giving customers the best experience.

Therefore, when choosing a T-shirt printing company, you should also learn the transfer paper and ink used by the company.

Look for a company with plenty of experience

If you want quality of t-shirt printing, ask how long the company has been in business or staff experience with printing. It can suggest how much expertise they have to complete the designs.

If they also offer different services, it can indicate a good level of experience in the field.

Find one company with positive reputation 

A company’s reputation is also important. We will examine its reputation in terms of its customer reviews, customer service, and product quality.

If you want to learn more about a company’s reputation, customer reviews are the best source of truth available.

Search the company name online and read their customer reviews to see what previous buyers have said about the company’s quality, service and products. Then compare it to others in the market.

Choose one company with customer service 

Try to find a company that has specific channels that can provide one-on-one customer service. In this way, when working together, any problems can be corrected in a timely manner, and feedback can be made.

This kind of company will give you reasonable advice and make adjustments based on your opinions to the satisfaction of both parties.

It is not recommended to choose a company that cannot solve customers’ problems in a timely manner.

Cooperate with cost-effective companies

Check out the company’s offers for bulk orders or package deals. Prices should also be transparent. Or there should be clear guidelines on how project costs are calculated and if there are any liability charges.

Cheap company doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. It could also mean that it is of poor quality. Find a reputable printing company that fits your budget and other needs.

Take time to learn their delivery time

Delivery time is also a very important factor that you need to consider. Whether a company can deliver before the deadline is also one of its business capabilities.

If you have a large order with a short expected delivery time, be sure to ask these questions in advance. At this time, you can also try to choose a printing company around you.

Think about location of the company

If you want to visit the custom printing factory in person and learn about the transfer process, then you can choose a printing company around you.

Of course, if there is no the demand, quality is still the first priority.

How to choose a T-shirt Printing Company?

According to your needs, choose several suitable T-shirt printing companies.

First, you need to create a checklist of your exact requirements. Be very specific on your list so that you can choose the right company to print your custom t-shirts when the time comes. Your list may include order quantity, choice of technology, delivery time, cost, etc.

Then, you need to find out the exact services each printing company offers so you can compare them to your list.

Based on the above factors, choose the best T-shirt printing company.

After the first step, you must have selected a few favorite T-shirt printing companies. The next step is to compare the company’s scale, reputation, customer service, and production experience. Choose the best t-shirt transfer company for the price.


Overall, following the tips above can help you avoid some of the mistakes when ordering custom t-shirts, especially when ordering for the first time.

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