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Exploring the Benefits of Using DTF Film Roll in Your DTF Business


Since you have clicked on this article, it means that you are interested in the DTF business. Maybe you don’t know much about DTF film yet, you can read this article first to have a preliminary understanding of DTF film. If you already have some knowledge of DTF film and want to start your own DTF career, please read on.

Brief Introduction to DTF Film Roll

DTF film roll is more suitable for large manufacturers to do DTF production. DTF film’s freedom gives the DTF film roll more possibilities. Compared with sublimation paper or T-shirt transfer paper, DTF film can be used on both cotton and polyester fabrics without the limitation in the basic color of the substrates.

Advantages of DTF Film Roll

●Convenient Operation

DTF film roll is a rolled version of DTF film. It is easier and faster to use on a large production line than the paperback version. If you use the paperback version, you need to keep changing the DTF film. This may waste a lot of human power and time. DTF film roll can save more operations during the process of printing and transferring.


Compared to other transfer papers, DTF film is not expensive. And the price of rolls is estimated to be more cost-effective than paperback DTF films. As a transfer business, choosing a DTF film roll as a consumable item makes the cost of the product even lower. 

However, modified printers and powder shakers are not cheap. These machines will be the biggest cost in the beginning. But this is only a temporary situation. The time and manpower saved in the later production process are enough to pay back the investment and generate greater profits.

●High Quality of Transfer&Efficiency

DTF film transfers use a more concentrated DTF ink, so the transferred patterns are more vibrant. In addition, the surface of the pattern is more glossy than the transfer paper, which has the same vivid transfer effect. This represents the high quality of DTF film.

When it comes to the high efficiency of DTF film, it is important to mention the availability of hot tearing of DTF film and the special machine. DTF film can be hot or cold torn, which means that at least five minutes can be saved in the production of the same batch. In the manufacturing industry, time and efficiency is money. In the long run, more and more “five minutes” will allow companies to have more profit. DTF roll printers and powder shakers make the DTF transfer process very easy. All you have to do is transfer the film.

●Eco-friendly Technology

In the technology of DTF transfer film, white ink is a breakthrough in the process of applying garment thermography using environmentally friendly coating technology. It solves the problem of the direct fabric spray printing process and can be used for transfer printing on T-shirts, team wear, uniforms, school wear, fitness wear, leather, handbags, wallets, suitcases, etc.

How to Use DTF Film Roll?

First of all, we need to prepare all the materials and machines mentioned above. A printer, a powder shaker and a heat press are needed. We usually recommend you to buy Epson, Sawgrass or other piezoelectric printers. The foam printers will make the ink change which is bad for the finish of the printing. Before printing the pattern, we should modify the nozzles of the printer. Only the modified nozzle will ensure sufficient ink output. After printing, the powder shaker will help us to shake and heat the powder.

Finally, cut it to the right size and heat transfer the image for 10-20 seconds with the heat press. Pre-heating the heat press to 160°C – 170°C can help the image transfer better to the substrate. In addition, DTF films can be peeled at both high and low temperatures. Of course, we usually prefer to peel them at low temperatures.

Common Applications of DTF Film Roll

We usually use DTF film to transfer the textiles. Not only the clothes, but also the cloth bags, flags, decorative ribbons can be transferred through the DTF film. DTF can be transferred with any fabric. This simplifies the production process for companies and expands their production range. When the manufacturers want to transfer cotton or polyester, they do not have to worry about the choice of fabric.

Our DTF film roll works better when there are a lot of product orders. The DTF film roll is much easier to use and produce in bulk than the paperback DTF film.

Matters Needing Attention

Now that you have entered the DTF film roll business, I have a few suggestions for you. These suggestions might help you

Firstly, the workers on the production line must wear masks. Secondly, the workers must work in a well-ventilated room with a filtration system. Finally, the storage and use of DTF consumables requires a good humidity environment. We recommend that the humidity level be greater than 40%. This will reduce the risk of DTF ink clogging the printer print head and the bending of DTF film.


DTF film roll provide you with more creativity and possibility. As a manufacturer of DTF film, we have a deep understanding of how to make manufacturers that use DTF film more efficient. To set up your successful business, you should not miss DTF film roll to help you. If you are interested in DTF business or want to learn more about DTF film roll, you can read this article to get a full understanding.

By the way, A-sub has the perfect production line to meet your needs. You can read about it here. We can provide you with one-stop solution to give you the greatest convenience and service in the purchase of DTF consumables. We are waiting for you any time. And our customer service staff will reply you in 24 hours.

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