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Best One-Stop Solution for Your DTF Printing


DTF transfer is now a hot topic in the heat transfer industry. Many brands have also developed this product. Based on the principle of being responsible for our customers and providing them with maximum convenience, A-sub have developed a one-stop solution. We cover everything from product development to printing equipment.

Let’s take a look at the A-sub DTF one-stop solution.

One-stop production

Before you start DTF transfer, all you need to do is to pick the consumables, including DTF heat transfer film, hot melt powder and DTF ink.

We all know that the same brand of ink, transfer paper with the same chromatography can contribute to better results. This is also where we advocate one-stop service. Moreover, we do not need to spend effort is to select consumables one by one, and can guarantee better transfer effect.

A-sub DTF Heat Transfer Film

DTF Heat transfer film is a medium material for heat transfer process. The pattern printed on PET heat transfer film is transferred on the clothes through the ink sticky hot melt powder that on the surface of the pattern as the transfer medium.

The rolls of DTF transfer film can print multiple patterns at the same time, making it ideal for factory operations.

Our company is constantly testing and perfecting the performance of our products in order to maintain the interests of our customers. We take into account the clarity of the transfer pattern, the texture and even the presence of oil. We constantly ask questions to solve problems and try to find all possible problems before our customers do.

DTF itself is famous for its high transfer rate and clarity. And A-sub also pays attention to the basic quality and whether there is any oiling of the pattern after transfer and whether this problem affects the transfer result.

After several tests, A-sub DTF transfer film show little oil return. The lower the grammage of the DTF transfer film, the less likely this problem is to occur.

If you want to know more about DTF transfer films, you can check the following two articles.

What is DTF?

Differences between heat transfer film and sublimation paper

A-sub DTF Ink

DTF pigment ink is a special water-based pigment ink. DTF ink is based on white ink and can be attached to any color fabric.

Mainly used for direct printing of cotton, thread and cotton blended fabrics, such as glue screen printing and digital printing. The pattern transferred with DTF pigment ink has bright color and good color fastness. At the same time, the pattern does not fade.

It must be mentioned that A-sub DTF Pigment Ink has strong ink absorption and transparent layer.

DTF ink is a pigment ink with macro-molecular structure. It has more vibrant colors and higher pattern definition.

A-sub DTF Powder

DTF Hot Melt Powder is an indispensable consumable for DTF transfer. A-sub DTF powder has performed very well in several evaluation experiments. Works well with DTF series products.

One-stop equipment

At the same time, our company provides you with a one-stop machine that integrates DTF printer and powder shaker. This machine is very convenient for customers. Customers can save a lot of time as well as labor costs.

DTF has the advantage of being a free version with no picking of words. It does not require cutting graphics through a type cutter. This is what makes DTF more suitable for one-stop printing.

DTF uses the principle of hot melt adhesive powder adhering to the ink, any complex graphics can be easily transferred and in one go. This overcomes the problem of cutters being unable to cut too small and broken graphics.

After successful printing DTF can be easily transferred by thermal transfer machine, giving more design space for cultural and creative industries and making fabric printing more flexible and convenient.

Here I will show you the details of the machine according to the operation steps.

  • Digital Printing(Color Ink first, White Ink second)

Use professional software to draw the picture, then use the printer to print the pattern on the PET transfer film.

  • Spreading the melt powder and shake power

Sprinkle an appropriate amount of hot-melt powder on the printed PET film, and shake off the excess hot-melt powder.

  • Drying( Temperature: 130 ℃, 5-8mins)

Put the PET film on the oven/microwave oven for 5-7 minutes, until the hot melt adhesive powder melts, and take out the PET film. Customers don’t need to be so complicated to operate and can do it in one step with this equipment.

  • Heating transfer( 150℃ to 160℃, 10s)

Lay the T-shirt flat on the heat transfer machine, paste the side with hot melt glue on the T-shirt for pattern hot stamping, the heat transfer temperature is 150-160 ℃, and press for 10 seconds.

  • Tear

Finally, you can tear the film. A-sub DTF transfer film is already suitable for hot and cold tearing with the improvement. However, cold tear is still recommended.

It has Smart PLC Touch screen. Equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen. Navigate the menu by simply touching the desired option.

The paper feed and take-up with tension system allows you to complete production unattended for a simple and precise workflow from printing to loading and feeding through the roll-to-roll securely wound.

It has infrared drying function. Adjustable temperature infrared and heating drying improves and protects color reproduction.

Vacuum conveying platform, absorbing the print material to ensure that the material does not bulge or run off.

Integrated purifier for the option to replace of exhaust pipe make the use of the machine more convenient.

Prices at a good value

In addition to the convenience of a one-stop shop, DTF transfers do not require high costs.

Firstly, DTF heat transfer film is cheaper compared to heat sublimation paper.

Secondly, rolls of DTF film can transfer multiple patterns at the same time. This can reduce waste and save money.

It is important to mention that DTF heat transfer film is not picky about fabrics and colors, it does not require much blanks. This also saves the cost for the subsequent selection of blanks.

Last but not least, we will give our customers the best discount for bulk purchase of A-sub DTF heat transfer film.


A-sub does its best to let customers spend the least amount of time and money to understand and start DTF transfer. Both consumables and equipment are constantly being improved and perfected.

A-sub has a dedicated R&D and testing team, which is very strict in controlling the product development and performance.

In terms of consumables, we are striving for excellence, testing each model of each product repeatedly to identify problems and improve them. Finally, we will introduce the best products to our customers.

In terms of equipment, we also find problems and solve them before our customers do. To bring the most pleasant experience to everyone.

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